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IT Networks course timeline

Achieve multiple qualifications through the IT Networking course path.

IT Essentials

Gives you an overview of the IT industry and an introduction to key IT skills.

CompTIA A+

Provides you with essential IT support skills, including IT installation, fault finding and basic networking.


You now have your CompTIA A+ certification. The most recognised IT qualification.

(MTA) Networking Fundamentals

Learn the basics about setting up and administering a network.


You now have your (MTA) Networking Fundamentals certification.

(MTA) Security Fundamentals

Learn all about the importance of securing your environment and gain a fundamental understanding of the standard concepts of security.


You now have your (MTA) Security Fundamentals certification.

CompTIA Network+

Provides the skills and job-role capabilities needed to implement a defined network architecture with basic network security.


You now have your CompTIA Network+ certification.

CompTIA Security+

Provides the skills and job-role capabilities needed to identify and participate in risk mitigation activities.


You now have your CompTIA Security+ certification.

Potentially earn

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Martin Larkin

Computeach gave me a knowledge of networking and the confidence to demonstrate my skills at a higher, more professional level.

Martin Larkin

Career opportunities:

Network Support - 

£27,000 - £52,500

Network Engineer - 

£37,500 - £52,500

Network Administrator - 

£29,874 - £42,500

Network Analyst - 

£32,500 - £52,500

Network Consultant - 

£52,500 - £77,500

Network Professional - 

£33,786 - £62,500

The IT sector is growing five times faster than the UK's industry average!

What makes the IT Networking course unique?

Earning an internationally and industry recognised qualification through Computeach will put you in great stead to land your first IT job.

Learning and developing an understanding of software and hardware on an IT Networking Course will mean that you’ll be able to keep the communication between employees running smoothly. 

Meet your tutor

Melville Thomson

“I have worked at Computeach since 1996 and have previously worked in many different IT roles, including working for Microsoft. I am on hand to help guide you through your studies with us.


Mac or PC? PC

Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates? Bill

Chrome or Firefox? Firefox

Android or iOS? Android ”

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