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Programming course path timeline

Achieve multiple qualifications through this course path.

IT Essentials

Gives you an overview of the IT industry and an introduction to key IT skills.

CompTIA A+

Provides you with essential IT support skills, including IT installation, fault finding and basic networking


You now have your CompTIA A+ certification. The most widely recognised IT qualification.

Introduction to programming in C#

Develop the knowledge and skills to write programs using C# and Visual Studio.


You now have your Introduction to programming in C# certification.

Programming in C# (Microsoft)

Learn how to manage program flow, create and use types, debug applications and implement security, as well as implementing data access.


You now have your Programming in C# (Microsoft) certification.

Potentially earn

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Daniel Salter

The Computeach course provided me with valuable skills in IT and computer programming and a qualification that employers take seriously.

Daniel Salter

The course path for:

Programmer - 

£42,500 - £62,500

Software Engineer - 

£42,500 - £57,500

Software Developer - 

£37,500 - £52,000

Systems Programmer - 

£51,250 - £77,500

Programming Professional - 

£37,500 - £72,500

Software Architect - 

£52,500 - £72,500

75% of IT managers believe certifications are important to team performance

What makes the Programming course path unique?

  • From beginner to intermediate there’s a Programming course for everyone who is interested in getting started in this lucrative and innovative industry.
  • This online, flexible course allows you to work at your own pace at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Meet your tutor

Adrian O’Brien

”I’ve been a computer programming tutor at Computeach for 13 years. Maths and problem-solving are my favourite parts of the course and having previously worked as a computer programmer I will be sure to help guide you through the difficult stages of the Programming course”.  

1. Mac or PC? PC
2. Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates? Neither!
3. Chrome or Firefox? Firefox
4. Android or iOS? Android 200%. IoS is a scam ;-)

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